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AIS 12Call offers the AIS Top Online service for pre-paid 12Call users, know as Refill On Mobile (ROM).  With this service we send top up recharge credit directly to the AIS One Two Call phone number.  You can send credit to a phone number anywhere – as a gift, to your 3G modem, or in any country.    You can pay from anywhere in the world.

ld with Paypal or a Credit Card. THERE ARE NO CODES SENT WITH THIS SERVICE.  You will get an SMS confirmation once credit has been sent.

You can dial *121# to check your balance or visit 12Call Online Access where you can see a history of all your top up credit purchases.  Or, you can call the call center and they can tell you your top up history.

Want to try? Visit the and enter in the 10 digit (06-xxxx-xxxx) 1-2-Call phone number you would like to top up and follow the steps.

During the beta launch, Facebook login is required, so if you don’t have an account, you’ll have to use our old service at



  • Bryan

    Service for new 06 numbers is coming soon.

  • Bk

    Hi My nr starts with 06 not 08 or 09 how do i top up?

  • Bryan

    You can use it if you have a signal. You will be on roaming however, paying roaming prices. If no signal, call 12Call call center as ask them to turn on IR.

  • Sansanee Martin

    I have 1-2 call SIM card but now I’m in England can I still use it???

  • Bryan

    Do the other AIS USSD codes work? Like balance check?

  • WatchingYou

    I got a sim but cant remember what no it is to top it up but *545# doesnt work at all and only gives an error, even on sim which still works…

    Any Idea? Using AIS Prepaid

  • Bryan

    Just visit :-)

  • Jesper

    I want to pay for my girlfriends internet on her phone, she is from isaan, and im not in thailand now.. what is the possibilities? :)

  • Justin

    hi there…. I arranged a top up via this site several days and my credit has not yet been applied to my phone…. i have sent several emails, and completed your online forms with no response. can someone please get back to me ASAP.

  • Bryan

    Enter your number on the front page of this website, then follow the steps. Once in Thailand you can do it at any 7-11.



  • oldalfaguy

    how do I top up my AIS card? I usually do it at Suvarnabhumi airport on arrival but ths time I am flying into Don Muang and i understand there is no AIS kiosk there.

  • Bryan

    Credit is credit, there are not 2 kinds. As long as your Internet package is active, your credit will be deducted for your Internet package.

  • Cormac_mc_coy

    Does anyone know how to topup Data on an AIS sim card online? All I seem to be able to do is add credit to the calling facility.


  • Tiggerito

    Another quick question. Our 12Call SIM packages show a 50 on the cover (bottom right in a green ballon). Does that mean they have 50THB credit already on them?