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First understand the difference between True Move and True Move H.   True Move sims are still available and some times are given out free at airports or called intersim, but these have a limit of Edge speeds.  All new accounts are branded “True Move H“, and this is where you’ll find 3G and 4G mobile internet.  This means if you are buying a new True sim, it’s most likely True Move H.  It also means that if you want fast internet, and not EDGE, stay away from True Move.

3G / 4G Data plans

For the new True Move H data plans check out our page of all carrier 3G plans.

USSD Keypress Codes

  • Refill your credit: *123*top up number#
  • Balance check: #123#
  • Remaining data check: *900#
  • Show your number: *833# or dial 9303
  • Check promotion: *835#
  • Switch Promotion: 9305
  • Change Language: 9304
  • TrueMove Care: 1331 (3 baht per call)  or +66-8-9100-1331
  • Extend Validity: *9344 (3 baht per call)
  • Activate new SIM card: 9302  or #110#
  • Low cost call: 00600+Country Code+Area Code+Destination Number
  • First call: 006+Country Code+Area Code+Destination Number
  • Get free wifi: Text “wifi” to 9433  (username and pass will be sent via sms)
  • Buy WiFi for one day: Text “1day” to 9434
  • Sign up of WiFi / EDGE / GPRS / 3G: *9000
  • Change Language: 9304
  • Activate GPRS: 9779

True Move Tourist Sim Card

Details of the calling and internet plans of the 299 Baht Tourist SIM Card.

true move tourist sim 3g

Pros and Cons of True move

Not sure about the True Move network? Here’s our take:


  • WiFi connection with True hot spots
  • Promotions across their products (cable/sat tv, internet and land line)
  • Fixed price international data roaming


  • False use of 4G in their marketing
  • No longer supporting 3G on True Move
  • 3rd place in nationwide coverage
  • Poor customer support
  • Poor English language support
  • No online SIM management
  • James Smith

    I had a Thai student tell me quote ” the Thais are educated now ” which
    would explain why all the younger Thais work in the malls and not the
    bars. Now mostly older Thais from 2003 or so work in the bars and seem
    to be smarter than the educated twittering, Instagraming, facebooking,
    googleing younger “educated” Thais in the mall. So educated that they
    all have the same phone lol. I have been here along time and yes they
    are growing and changing but they don’t understand the education they
    received or something, Its like teaching someone to fly and then giving
    them a 737. You have a nice plane but don’t understand it. Good
    education but not ready for it.
    The educated Thai has a new word now
    you didn’t hear back in 2000, its “Promotion” which they don’t
    understand. Having returning customers is a long term investment and in
    the tourist market when your customer service lacks then it takes around
    2 years to see the start of the drop. The Thai baht and tourist are
    dropping like I said it would 2 years ago.
    Back in the day Thais
    didn’t charge for the restroom even if you were not a customer now they
    charge a small 5 to 10 + baht . When I saw this happen I knew it was the
    end. Even though its small amount it shows how they think.
    Soon they
    will charge you for ice, ketchup, salt and pepper with your meal. They
    like to increase the price without thinking, like they did with minimum
    wage and caused small business to lay off, reduce weekly hours and
    reduce jobs. The word complimentary is not in the Thai dictionary, they
    just learned the word promotion and use it to rip you off LoL.
    the blue shirts removed a democratically elected leader because they
    think she caused the market crash when it was a global issue. Also they
    decided they didn’t like her for various reasons, so they blamed her
    for her brothers rice scandal, but its ok for the military to kill
    Russian tycoons by shooting all 5 of them in the face in a public
    So then they went into martial law had a curfew causing
    bars to close early and tourist flee. This is why democracy doesn’t work
    in most places. They only see short term, if your economy is not ready
    to increase minimum wage and you force it then small business will lay
    off workers, stop hiring, reduce hours per week and large business will
    relocated to Vietnam ect.
    So the blue shirts won red shirts lost.
    tourist are dropping like flies, bars and restaurants are closing and
    they baht is moving into my favor. Sad thing is they will never know why
    or what caused there crash. All the foreigners are going to
    Cambodia,Vietnam, Phil. I am as well.
    I already have a condo in
    Cambodia. It was refreshing to ask my server how much for for the ice
    teas? he said ” are you crazy your a guest here, you no pay for ice tea,
    its complimentary”. That was nice. Cambodians understand complimentary
    and speak good English and don’t charge you for stupid things like using
    the restroom even if your not a customer which is smart when there
    economy has a large interest in English tourists. Its a good idea to be
    able to speak the language of your customers.
    I have been all over from Latin America ect and everyone understands complimentary but the Thais never heard of it.