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First understand the difference between True Move and True Move H.   True Move sims are still available and some times are given out free at airports or called intersim, but these have a limit of Edge speeds.  All new accounts are branded “True Move H“, and this is where you’ll find 3G and 4G mobile internet.  This means if you are buying a new True sim, it’s most likely True Move H.  It also means that if you want fast internet, and not EDGE, stay away from True Move.

3G / 4G Data plans

For the new True Move H data plans check out our page of all carrier 3G plans.

USSD Keypress Codes

  • Refill your credit: *123*top up number#
  • Balance check: #123#
  • Remaining data check: *900#
  • Show your number: *833# or dial 9303
  • Check promotion: *835#
  • Switch Promotion: 9305
  • Change Language: 9304
  • TrueMove Care: 1331 (3 baht per call)  or +66-8-9100-1331
  • Extend Validity: *9344 (3 baht per call)
  • Activate new SIM card: 9302  or #110#
  • Low cost call: 00600+Country Code+Area Code+Destination Number
  • First call: 006+Country Code+Area Code+Destination Number
  • Get free wifi: Text “wifi” to 9433  (username and pass will be sent via sms)
  • Buy WiFi for one day: Text “1day” to 9434
  • Sign up of WiFi / EDGE / GPRS / 3G: *9000
  • Change Language: 9304
  • Activate GPRS: 9779

True Move Tourist Sim Card

Details of the calling and internet plans of the 299 Baht Tourist SIM Card.

true move tourist sim 3g

Pros and Cons of True move

Not sure about the True Move network? Here’s our take:


  • WiFi connection with True hot spots
  • Promotions across their products (cable/sat tv, internet and land line)
  • Fixed price international data roaming


  • False use of 4G in their marketing
  • No longer supporting 3G on True Move
  • 3rd place in nationwide coverage
  • Poor customer support
  • Poor English language support
  • No online SIM management
  • john

    nothing but rip offs…

  • venug

    am i from india i want to know if any special pack is available for calling to india?

  • Bryan

    Hi Fafa, it differs for each network and I think only one of them is easy.

  • fafa

    Anyone know how to transfer credit?

  • Bryan

    Are you on True Move or True Move H?

  • Dyre

    Information is bogus. Dialed 9304 and got a message that the call can’t be completed. Still looking for ANY help using this awful, horrible, despicable service. Anyone know of any other better services here in Thailand? Man I miss Verizon!

  • Bryan

    As cheap as 50 baht.

  • Bryan

    Yes it’s still alive and well.

  • Bryan

    Yes and yes.

  • herbaled

    Is this website actually up-to-date? Does anyone monitor it???

  • Peram

    I want know the price plan for true move sim card.

  • Nico

    It is a pity that rather big firms as true move think that thailand is the centre of the universe. WAKE UP! Asean is coming and all your neighbouring countries plus the rest of the world dont speak or read thai.

  • sjss

    How can I get SMS so that I can text with True H 3G?

  • Jean

    Hi there. I have some trouble with signing up on truemove H online. When
    i type in the IMEA number after Choosing the brand and device, the
    chosen brand and devise disappears automatically. And vice versa the
    same stupid thing!

    Is there a solution for this? i am doing something wrong? Please help, Thanks in advanse.

    sincerely, Jean

  • Kimi

    hey where do u go to get your screen fixed for the true move tablet ??

  • Bryan

    Well, that leaves DTAC, which is the leader in English language support.

  • Fed Up

    I tried to call 1331 – all in Thai. Yesterday, before I bought credit, there was an English option and I spoke to someone, though they couldn’t explain things very well, I figured if their lines weren’t jammed, at least their 3G must be operational. Perfect timing for them to completely drop English support.

    Go on the website – look for promotions / packages with bandwidth –
    WHERE??? Can’t find out what the plans offer or what they include. The ONLY way to get anything done is to go to the office – waste 1/2 a day going, returning, waiting in line, in other words.

    Finally figure out how to get a package working – tether to my computer to put the message-responses through Google-Translate. Plan is active. Connect OK. But… it will only let me load TrueMove’s website. SWELL – and no tech support, chat “1st in line” for 2 hours (clearly that is unmanned).

    OTOH, AIS 3G, which they offer through TOT (they don’t have their own 3G network), has been offline for 4 days. Call AIS – have to press ’2′ every 10 seconds (I timed it) or they drop the call. Then, “Oh, everything is fine, sir” but will not authenticate User/Pass. Call TOT – no answer for 1 hour – clearly they have a problem.

    So, TOT is down, AIS uses broken TOT, TrueMove doesn’t have any information I can read or anyone to speak to. Any other 3G options out there??

    Why is it I can go to Cambodia and get 6X bandwidth for the same price, AND people who speak fair-English AND buy a visa for a year at a time and be generally unmolested? It is clear which country is “Open For Modern Business.”

  • trader1nb

    how can be 3G be as ancient as stone age? . I bet you are more ancient than 3G. it shows in your profile name you ..compoop.

  • Bill

    We’ve have 3G+ service, 6MB+ throughput, in a small village 30 minutes outside of Korat, for over a year. Works great, I can work tethered as if I was on a wire in Bangkok. And it’s not a rare pocket of service. They have HSPDA throughout the countryside. It’s the best network for speed, especially in remote places. EDGE is unusable. Get a SIM and give it a try. Their English support through SMS and online is weak at best though.

  • disappiontedcustomer

    I couldn’t access to mobile internet since september 2012 until I went to a different country and used a different sim card.

  • disappiontedcustomer

    When I went to a different country and used a different SIM it worked perfectly, so I’m guessing it’s not my phone.

  • disappiontedcustomer

    I’ve been using true move for over 5 years now and got a smartphone with wifi 2 years ago, nothing went wrong until end of last year, whenever i tried to turn on my wifi it said: error and when i turned on my mobile network, the wifi would turn on and say: Unable to scan for networks. I tried fixing it and bought package T2 and neither the mobile network or the wifi will turn on. I waisted 200 baht and nothing had changed.

  • Tom

    How do I find my number on an iPad

  • Lga39

    Here in Pattaya , brilliant 3G in IPad even on beach

  • Nc-mielkewo2

    Support in English  is practically non existing. It is not possible to extend validity through *9344

  • A True Beliver

    Its a wonderful company among the very best, they even CHARGE YOU $$$ to call customer service, and put you on hold as your airtime runs out. YES it is on your air time!  I simply don’t understand why everyone thinks they are so bad, especially since they invented the technology and not take it from the US and other countries.

  • A True Beliver

    Its a wonderful company among the very best, they even CHARGE YOU $$$ to call customer service, and put you on hold as your airtime runs out. YES it is on your air time!  I simply dont understand why everyone thinks they are so bad, especially since they invente the technology and not took it from the US and other countries.

  • Bryan

    Would agree with you they are at the bottom of the pile. But having 3 choices rather than only two, is a good thing.

  • movefromtrue

    True is the worst! Try not to support them if possible. Their coverage is criminal and their customer support is a joke.

  • Btt42

    That is the best you could do for everyone – Return to sender. Thank you.

  • Bryan

    That said, I just talked to some visiting Canadians and they were more than impressed with the speed. Personally I can do viber and skype calls on 3G at times, and youtube videos are watchable.

  • unhappytech

    Thai 3G is as ancient than stone age I.T green screen type-rs.. I could get quicker internet on a 56K dial-up than the so-called 3G in Thailand… True, AIS, DTAC, 3BB, tried them all and they all s*** BIG TIME… So don’t waste your time and money on these so called packages… Leave this 3rd world country….

  • Bryan

    Please contact us from your email used on your or order so we can identify you.

  • Kenny williams

    Why cant i top up with voucher?? I type *120*voucher number# nothing happen’s

  • Qainan77

    All promotion are fantastic very reasonable price

  • Bryan

    True is in third place for English customer service. If you want the best customer service, use DTAC Happy. That said, I do currently use True and have had luck with getting an English speaking operator to cancel my 3G package, so I could upgrade to the larger one.

  • jing~

    True sucks! I can’t access to mobile internet for 2 days, it gave me a lot of inconvenience and trouble. And I tried the calling centre 1331, i waited for 30 minutes, no one answered the call. And i tried the online chatting, for the english version, just one person waiting took me like an hour to wait, and i finally have to give up! There is no one that that one person were chatting for an hour. I think they just make it default so they don’t need to give the service! It’s just plain annoying and fucking suck! 

  • Bryan

    I also have the same problem, and have not seen anywhere to change them to English.

  • Rasikmunaf

    i receive text messages from TRUEMOVE in thai .. I wanna change them into english how do it do tht ?

  • dizz

    they do have unlimited data plans, for a while now.. just under 800THB

  • Bryan

    Just want to say this is no longer true.. as all 3 networks have 3G now.

  • Dmitry Baranov

    besides Bkk area and Phuket, they have 3G in most of Chiang Mai city at least for a year now… also I heard about Samui, but can’t confrim as haven’t been there for 1,5 years now

    just make sure your phone supports 850 MHz 3G (all iPhones from 3G do, but many phones, especially older, do not)… if no, your phone will fall back to 2G service, which is often a bit slow even with EDGE (5-15 kByte/s) and in remote areas there’s sometimes no EDGE (only GPRS, which is painfully slow)… in Bkk and around (including Pattaya) this is not so pronounced and it’s often fast

    if using 2G, better choice is DTAC.. I’m using it 4+ years (truemove 1+) and the speed is fast for 2G (20-25 kbyte/s) almost everywhere/all the time. I even ever tried to use video Skype chat while in the train, and as long as there’s dtac signal, it works (!), albeit slow. But for 3G covered areas, yes, truemove is much better – plus, their call prices (including international, both regular and “low-cost” 00600 prefix) are often cheaper

  • Dmitry Baranov

    excellent, there’s a coverage map on their website, but I feel like it’s at least a year outdated, as there’s 3g signal in many other areas as well

  • Igor

    Very good service, good price!

  • Igor

    Very good service, good price!

  • topup

    If you are coming to Thailand with an iPhone, then your only real choice is True Move.

  • Liski

    I find TrueMove 3G in Patong, Phuket is fantastic and would recommend it to any travellor.

  • Koonnai Lee Tanyanisar

    how 3g work in BKK so far?