Bangkok Airport Paypal Exchange 2017-04-10T17:14:57+00:00

Change Baht to Paypal at the Bangkok Airport.

Have extra Baht at the end of your Thailand trip?

No need to wait in line to get a bad exchange rate.

Convert left over Baht to Paypal while you’re at the Bangkok Airport in a few easy steps.

Ready to Exchange?  Message us to get started.

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Do you support other deposit methods? 2017-04-05T10:00:21+00:00

We plan to support Alipay, Cryptocurrency, Webmoney and others.

Which Bangkok airports can I use? 2017-04-05T09:59:46+00:00

You can deposit leftover Baht at Suvarnabhumi Airport ( BKK ) or Don Muang ( DMK ) airport or at any CDM.

Is this service like or ? 2017-04-05T09:59:14+00:00

Yes, except you don’t have to wait figure out their confusing exchange rates.  You deposit your leftover Thai Baht currency while still in Thailand.   We take our small fee and send you Baht from our Baht based Paypal account – and you convert at Paypal’s fair rates.

How do you compare to ? 2017-04-05T09:58:44+00:00

Travelers Box is great, but Thai airports already have cash deposit machines to help with your your leftover foreign currency.  Instead of taking spare foreign currency home where it’ll become useless, deposit it at a Thai Bank CDM and have it sent to your PayPal account or make a donation.

Why 2017-04-05T09:58:15+00:00

We’ve been helping top up mobile phones in Thailand with Paypal since 2009. We have over 10,000 users and transact thousands of Baht daily.  We’re helping make life easier for those who don’t speak and read Thai.

If I make a deposit when you’re not around will I still get my Paypal transfer? 2017-04-05T09:57:38+00:00

As long as you have a matching deposit receipt and have uploaded it, you’ll get a Paypal transfer.

Is your system automated? 2017-04-05T09:57:08+00:00

Not yet.  Today a human is watching for transactions during Thailand business waking hours.  Once we have traction, we will automate.

How can I be sure it works? 2017-04-05T09:56:28+00:00

Try with 100 baht first, and if it works, you can do more.

What are your exchange rates? 2017-04-05T09:55:43+00:00

You can check the rate in the Paypal app.  Instructions.

What notes does a Thai CDM take? 2017-04-05T09:55:03+00:00

100, 500 and 1,000 Baht bank notes are accepted.

How much can I send? 2017-04-05T09:54:18+00:00

Start with as little as 100 Baht up to 30,000 Baht.

How fast is it? 2017-04-05T09:51:13+00:00

We are notified of your deposit within seconds of completion.  After that we will confirm your Paypal and email – and send out your funds within minutes.  During business hours we can complete in minutes.

How do I use a Cash Deposit Machine? 2017-04-05T09:48:12+00:00

To use a CDM, you need neat, unwrinkled THB notes and an account number for the corresponding bank. You would follow these steps:

  1. Press the start Button
  2. Choose your language
  3. Enter the account number of the account holder
  4. The machine door will open, and you place in your cash
  5. The ADM will count and sum your notes. If not correct you can cancel and take back your notes.
  6. If correct, press correct.
  7. Your transaction is complete and you will be promoted to print your deposit receipt. Print it for your records.
  8. You will hear the machine storing the notes and your transaction is complete.
Do I need a Thai Bank account? 2017-04-05T09:47:07+00:00

No. You just need Thai Bank notes to use a Cash Deposit Machine.

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