10 USD Viber Out Voucher

//10 USD Viber Out Voucher
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10 USD Viber Out Voucher


$10 Viber Out voucher.

Great for:

  • Sales managers and teams.
  • Easy VOIP calls.
  • Calling card replacement.

You are purchasing a gift voucher code that you can give to anyone to redeem in their app.

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Product Description

How much will a Viber Out call cost?
Viber Out’s low rates vary based on your call’s destination.  The cost of your Viber Out call will depend on the call’s destination.

You can find a list of the Viber Out rates here or in the Viber application:
1.  Enter the More Options menu in Viber
2.  Select Viber Out
3.  Click View Rates
4.  Type in the Country or phone number to view the rates
Please note that some countries will first only show the most common calling rates. Click on the country to see all the rates displayed.

To view your balance or call history from the web:

1. Enter the website here: https://account.viber.com
2. Login to the Viber account you created
3. Here you can see your balance

Your Viber Voucher does not expire.