20 Baht Topup code – True Move | DTAC | AIS 12Call

//20 Baht Topup code – True Move | DTAC | AIS 12Call

20 Baht Topup code – True Move | DTAC | AIS 12Call


Buy a 20 Baht airtime top up code for AIS, DTAC or True prepaid users.  You’ll get a digital voucher code via email which you can use at anytime.   Once you have your code, enter it here to be topped up.

  • Instant Redemption or save for later
  • Keep you Thai number Valid for 30 more days!
  • Code good for all True, AIS or DTAC
  • Send the code to any Thai prepaid user
  • Digital Product, sent to your email


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Get an 20 Baht Topup code for use on at Voucher.ThaiPrepaidCard.com.  Once you finish the payment process, you’ll be sent a recharge voucher code for use on any AIS, DTAC or True move number.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy a top up credit voucher.
  2. Enter your voucher code here.
  3. Enter the AIS, DTAC or True number that will receive the credit.

That’s it.  Easy to send credit with our stored value vouchers.  Send them to a friend, save them for later, or give them out as gifts.

Redeem Thailand Topup Vouchers


In case the topup does not go as planned, don’t worry we can figure it out.  You can chat with us or email us and we’ll figure out the problem. Here’s a few things to check:

Is it you?

  • It it a thai prepaid card, not post paid?
  • Is the number active and registered?
  • Is the number suspended or expired?
  • You entered the wrong phone number?

Is it us?

  • We may have guessed the wrong network
  • We may have had a service outage
  • We may have had an error


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