90 Day Mobile Phone validity – Keep your SIM

//90 Day Mobile Phone validity – Keep your SIM

90 Day Mobile Phone validity – Keep your SIM

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Get 90 days of validity added to your True Move, AIS or DTAC phone.

  • Works with on any True Move, AIS, or DTAC Prepaid SIM
  • Thai SIMs can be valid up to 1 year
  • Ads 30 Baht Credit
  • +66

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Keep your thai sim active

Keep your Thai sim active

Keep your SIM working longer!  Most Thai prepaid SIMs can have a maximum validity of up to 1 year.  So why not extend your SIM life span to the maximum with this validity extension.

How to use this product

First, check your SIM balance and current validity, to see how many months more you can add. You’ll see the format in DD/MM/YYYY from a message response from your provider.

Next, decide if you need 90, 180 or 360 days more validity.

Finally enter your number on the product page and check out.

You’ll get a series of 10 Baht topups and when finished, you can check your new SIM expiry date. You’ll also have 30, 60 or 120 Baht extra balance for use on a data package, SMS or call.

Other Notes

In addition to getting 1 year of validity, most carriers want to see some activity and require you send an SMS, make a call or use a data package once in a 6 month period.

Tourist SIMs

If your SIM is a Tourist SIM, make sure you call the Call Center to confirm the package can be converted to a local SIM Package.  Otherwise your maximum may only be 90 Days.

Why use this product

Keeping your SIM active means you can use it on your next trip to Thailand or if you have a roaming sim, use it on your next trip abroad.  On SIM2Fly and similar SIM, you can save 100 Baht not buying a new SIM and just adding a new data package.



2 reviews for 90 Day Mobile Phone validity – Keep your SIM

  1. dencee2009 (verified owner)

    Used this service many times. Cannot fault

  2. mdavid (verified owner)

    Excellent and affordable service if you want to keep your Thai sim card and Thai phone number valid while you’re away from Thailand. Highly recommended. Thank you!

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