These are the 3G/4G data plans available by AIS, DTAC and True, the 3 major networks in Thailand.  4G trials have started in small areas, and outside of the 3G coverage areas you can expect EDGE coverage across Thailand.

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AIS 12Call

Covers major regions in Thailand at a maximum speed of 42 Mbps. Check all coverage areas.  To get AIS  Wifi Password dial *388# to get a username / password via SMS. Quick Start:

799 baht / mo | 4GB of 3G. (3 months of 12GB) 256 kbps after high speed used. | Unlimited Wifi | Press: *777*987#

AIS 3G 2100 Pre-Paid Monthly, Weekly, Daily, per MB and per period packages

AIS 3G Monthly Package
ais 3g

Other (older) AIS 12Call Packages

  ais netsim package 12call monthly data 3g plan


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DTAC Happy

Coverage Map: Major cities in Thailand. Most popular data package:

650 baht / mo | 3GB of 3G. Unlimited EDGE after that. | Wifi | Press: *104*23*5720283*9#

Package Details
Auto Renew
Price Not including 7% VAT
EDGE Speed
Sign Up Code
Unlimited Packages
1 DayDaily DTAC Happy Internet: 150MB max 3G speed (prepaid only)daily49 Baht384 Kbps*104*29*5720283*9#

1 WeekWeekly DTAC Happy Internet: 1GB max 3G speed (prepaid only)6 months199 Baht384 Kbps*104*28*5720283*9#
MonthlyMonthly DTAC Internet: 750MB max 3G speed12 months299 Baht64 Kbps*104*353*5720283*9#
MonthlyMonthly DTAC Internet: 3GB max 3G/4G speed6 months399 Baht128 Kbps*104*21*5720283*9#
MonthlyMonthly DTAC Internet: 1.2GB max 3G speed, Unlimited Deezer Music12 months449 Baht384 Kbps*104*553*5720283*9#
MonthlyMonthly DTAC Internet: 6GB max 3G/4G speed + free dtac wi-fi6 months650 Baht384 Kbps*104*23*5720283*9#
MonthlyMonthly DTAC Internet: 12GB max 3G/4G speed + free dtac wi-fi6 months799 Baht384 Kbps*104*343*5720283*9#
MonthlyMonthly DTAC Internet: 5GB max 3G speed + free dtac wi-fi12 months890 Baht384 Kbps*104*22*5720283*9#
Volume-based Packages(get allowance to use 3G at max speed of 42 Mbps)
75 MBDTAC Happy Internet 75 MB (prepaid only)7 Days49 Baht42 Mbps*104*252*5720382*9#
250 MBDTAC Happy Internet 250 MB (prepaid only)7 Days79 Baht
42 Mbps*104*253*5720283*9#
100 MBDTAC Internet 100 MB30 Days
99 Baht42 Mbps*104*25*5720283*9#
500 MBDTAC Internet 500 MB30 Days 199 Baht
42 Mbps*104*26*5720283*9#
1.5 GBDTAC Internet 1.5 GB30 days 349 Baht42 Mbps*104*254*5720283*9#
2 GBDTAC Internet 2 GB30 days 549 Baht42 Mbps*104*255*5720283*9#
Time-based Packages(3G speed is at rate 384 Kbps)
3 hrsDTAC Internet 3 hrs. (prepaid only )7 days15 Baht
384 Kbps*104*30*5720283*9#
5 hrsDTAC Internet 5 hrs. 30 days50 Baht384 Kbps*104*11*5720283*9#
20 hrsDTAC Internet 20 hrs. (on demand)30 days valid99 Baht384 Kbps*104*12*5720283*9#
70 hrsDTAC Internet 70 hrs. (on demand)30 days valid199 Baht384 Kbps*104*13*5720283*9#
DTAC Internet Packages for smart phones, ipads, tablets, pocket wifi, and 3G modem.  


Coverage: All major destinations. Voice Packages here. Quick start:

799 baht / mo | 3GB of 3G+. | Unlimited Wifi | *900*3379#

true move 3g true-movepackage


Note: True Move SIMs are being replaced by True Move H sims. If you need data, ignore True Move. Quick start:

699 baht / mo | 3.5GB of EDGE. No 3G. | Unlimited Wifi | Text “V3″ to 9789

Other Thai 3G networks and resellers


  • azim aziz

    Hi,i will be in THasala,Nakorn Sitthamarat,may i get some recommendation from all members which line i should used..thx all

  • Bryan

    All sims will give data and calls. The idea behind the data package is that you prepay for an amount of data, and no amount of calling will eat at that balance. If you don’t have a data package, the cost of calling and cost of data get taken from the same balance. A lot of calls, and you have no money left for data, and vice versa.

  • Mr Hoy

    Forgive my ignorance but I want a deal with one of these
    data deals and be able to call and sms as well how do I go about that. Is there
    a plan I can get that gives my data and calls ?

  • Bryan

    You can always by 2 or more SIMs to get full 3G/4G speeds. You’ll be fine with any of the big 3.

  • Dr Lee

    Im using a smartphone tablet and need a FAST download (faster that 384kps) and a large data limit for (> 4gb) for a week of trading online in bangkok. What would you guys recommend?

  • Bryan

    Quite good, in fact, as they use TOT 3G and TOT 3G is ranking quite well.

  • Bryan

    Actually you might be surprised:

  • Bryan

    Normally on a good package ( 500 thb and up ) you won’t see any restrictions in Thailand. I think what you’re referring to is the Telcos ability to block things like tethering, certain apps or certain types of data (blackberry). You should have no trouble with a good AIS or DTAC package on your 3G router.

  • Joe Liang

    If I use my 3G router for internet connection,which operator has the package for it? because as i know most of data sim not work in the router just for phone only… Thanks.

  • troll

    yes, thailand 3g internet sucks and useless. i live in bangkok.

  • Amy

    This is excellent as I was not able to find these tables myself without reading Thai. You may also want to include the Mao Mao tables shown here

  • Soslow

    AIS has an average speed of about 40 kpbs,so they exaggerate their speed by about 1000%.You may be better off learning the Morse Code and picking up a telegraph machine.